5 Underrated ‘Everyday Heroes’ In Our Lives


“Without getting into the details of the neural mechanisms, it turns out that experiencing gratitude for others goes beyond activating the reward circuitry of the brain that produces satisfaction; it also activates other areas of the brain linked with the ability to understand others’ mental states, moral judgments, and interpersonal bonding.” – Giacomo Bono Ph.D.

Like many other things in the world, “incredible” is relative. An incredible person may pertain to a recognized hero like a soldier who helped save the world during the war. But, it may also be a teacher working around the clock to educate the nation’s future leaders. These incredible people– do you know who they are?

They’re not as popular and glamorized as some heroes, but it doesn’t make them any less of it. Usually, they are everywhere. These people are those who you can count on in times of trouble or keep doing small acts of kindness. Can you identify an everyday hero in your life? If not, here’s a bit of a refresher so you can finally say your “thank you” the next time you see one.

Security Guards

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Guards strive to be hardworking and vigilant so they can keep everyone (in the place they’re stationed at) safe and secure. They are the so-called “first responder” for deterring crimes. But sometimes, they even take care of the little things such as taking care of a lost child, assisting an elderly man up the ramp, and securing a wallet that’s been left behind. We see them most of the time, but we hardly talk to these unsung heroes. Sun Sentinel supports the move to say thank you and recognize security officers’ contribution to people’s daily lives. Stop and say thanks to one today! Dr. Bill Cottringer says, “The most powerful thing that anyone can say to an officer who has done a good job is “Thank you”.


You wouldn’t be where you are without them. They taught you school lessons and terrorized you for some time with their never-ending assignments and thesis. But most of all, they share with us real-life lessons that we might encounter and give us advice on what to do when we’re there. Teachers try their very best to share what we need to learn to pass our board exams, or reevaluate our business plans. You may want to look back where you came from and show these people how much you appreciate their help for your present success.


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It happens in real life– the doctor getting all the credit for rescuing a patient. Doctors are amazing people, no doubt. But people should start noticing the heroic efforts of nurses as well. They work hand in hand with doctors to save people’s lives. For example, a registered nurse named Alan Faith recently received a 2017 Iowa Hospital Hero Award for his work in the community, as reported by Sioux City Journal. Faith is known for encouraging children to wear bicycle helmets and life jackets, and advising the public what to do when they experience heart attack symptoms. A great guy, indeed!


They love and take care of your pet the way you’d want them to be. Basically, they treat your furry friends when they’re sick and not in the best condition. You trust these people with your pets’ lives so maybe they can get more than just a “See you soon!” the next time you show up for an appointment.

A Concerned Stranger

You don’t have to have the above-mentioned occupation to become a hero. Sometimes, we meet one along the way. May it be someone who held your arm when you almost fell down a flight of stairs, a driver who took you safely to your destination during the wee hours of the day, or a salesperson who was concerned enough to let you stay inside his or her store when a stalker kept following you.

“We don’t have to be heroes and risk our lives, but we don’t have to look the other way when in fact we could do something that could make a difference in someone’s life,” wrote Susanne Babbel MFT, Ph.D.

Source: pixabay.com

All these people are the everyday heroes that deserve your sincere gratitude and appreciation. This is a crazy and sometimes hateful world we’re living in. But these heroes make it seem more wonderful.




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