The Rule of Thumb in Keeping A Club Relevant

It’s no easy task creating a school club and inviting members to join. For that alone, you’d be needing strength, determination and extra efforts to make it happen. But, you should also know that starting a club is only half the battle. The other half involves marketing for it to exist in the long run. If you ever wonder about how successful clubs (or student organizations) manage to be relevant for so long, here’s what you need to know.

Focus on the thrust.

You may have formed the mission and vision of your club as you started it. Also, you may already have a powerhouse of people supervising and leading the club. But have you developed the thrust? By definition, thrust is the “principal purpose” or a “line of reasoning.” It’s more about the strategy on how you can achieve your vision as a club.Think about it carefully and let your key people instill it in the minds and hearts of everyone.


Engage and excite your members.

No one could vouch for a club’s greatness better than its members. As an officer, you know you have the resources, including the funds for a reason. Always use it for the benefit of the members and not for your own. Think of a fun little get-together, a one-day sports event or a simple lunch to get to know each other well. Create a more personal and harmonious relationship with each other. Your members would definitely appreciate it.


Delegate tasks.

According to an article written by Keyclub, club members are more interested when they’re handed responsibilities. This makes them feel useful and needed even with the simple task of being in charge of registration. Of course, bigger tasks are more advantageous both for the member and the club. For example, ask a guy to organize and oversee a sports rally event together with an officer. It may just be a way for him to discover his passion and strength for an Event and Logistics’ work. US News says it will follow them all through life. It will also give them a hindsight of what they could do in the future. You’re not only keeping a sports-minded guy in your club, you’re also helping him unlock his other potentials.


Keep your club visible online.

Create a page and do regular posting with sports-related and club-related content. Let your members share it on their pages or post about it in their own timelines. Have a “multimedia officer” run your social media pages so everyone can see the fun, excitement, bonding, and learnings your club has to offer. It’s also a possible way to attract other clubs to do a collaboration with you. Remember, external affairs are just as important as internal affairs. Staying online is marketing at its most powerful, after all.

Leadership– pass it on.

This is the most important lesson of all. If you spent a good four years serving and leading your club, you must already have someone trained to take your position after your term. During your year/s as an officer, see to it that you have an “apprentice” or an “assistant officer” doing your work so he or she can succeed once you leave. It’s one thing to be good at what you do. But, it’s also on a completely different level if you are capable of influencing and teaching someone to do better than you (of course, not in a spiteful way).

The leaders or officers drives the life of the group. Therefore, you should make sure that the next ones are just as passionate about achieving the mission, vision and thrust of your club, to keep it going and growing each passing day.

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