Being In A Relationship With A Military Man


“It’s been a joy supporting military service members who are sacrificing so much for our country,” she says. “They are a population that’s adaptable, committed, motivated and smart.” – Capt. Carrie Kennedy, PhD,

It all started in fitness. I am a fitness junkie so I always try to put in some work out every day at the gym near my place. My sole focus was to stay fit, do well at the workouts and recover well. Little did I know, that this place filled with very competitive and fun people will be the place where I’ll meet my military man.

I usually go home right after every workout so I really didn’t have time to mingle with other people. However, this man talked to me in the middle of the class. He started to inquire about my interests and seemed to be very enthusiastic. I knew that this man was a new gym-goer since I haven’t noticed him before. I answered his inquiries but still went home after the workout.


Go On A Date With Me Or Go On A Date With Me

He gave me no choice but to go out to dinner with him. He was so persistent. Other people at the gym told me that I should just go with him since he is in the military and doesn’t really have time to have social interaction with women like me. So, I agreed just to be civil. I didn’t expect that such a military man can be such a gentleman. He is definitely not one of those douches who just want to get laid. We certainly had a wonderful date for the first time. Hence, our relationship started to develop after that.

However,  Madeline E. B. Wesh, PsyD warns women who are interested in dating or marrying military men. She wrote, “Many of us are educated, driven, and career-minded women, but we struggle due to the unique circumstances of military life – not the least of which is the frequent relocating.”


Bros Before You Darling

Dating a military man is not as easy as you would think. He always has his phone within reach so that he can check it anytime there’s an emergency message. I understand the importance of his job so I usually don’t make a huge deal about it. He needs to respond to his team as soon as possible because usually, the issue they have is a matter of life and death. “If you’re not with the soldiers you support through their day-to-day activities, then you’re not one of them,” says  Army Capt. Jill Breitbach, PsyD. He is serving his country to the fullest of his extent that I am just grateful that this military man gave me his special attention.


Safety 24/7

One of the most amazing things about dating a military man is that you feel safe and secured 24/7. Even if he has to leave for weeks or even months for a mission, you still feel the warm feelings of safety and security. His career might be dangerous but you know that it’s for the worthy cause of our people. You are confident that our beloved country is in safe hands because you know that one of its protectors is your significant other.

It may not be easy to be in a relationship with a military man, but you know for sure that it is all worth it.

How to Make a Club Event Successful

The success of an organization or a club depends on its relevance to a campus or a school that it calls its home. A club can establish its relevance by keeping a large population base or by honing members who will take up the key positions. However, nothing can prove to be as effective as handling school-wide events effectively.

There are some guidelines that will help an organization handle an event successfully. Here are some key takeaways:

Make Sure of the Relevance of the Event

When conducting an event, make sure that it either addresses the current demands of the student body or it is timely and relevant to the occasion. During the enrollment period, the club might want to handle grievance drive or entertainment booth drive that will ease the students from their vacation mode. During the Halloween period, handling Halloween parties are a must, especially when raising funds.

You might also organize blood drives and donation campaigns during national disasters. You may even opt any event giving out free goodies, for any possible reason.


Prepare Down to the Last Logistics Need

Consequently, the club will be obliged to prepare the logistics needs of the event, especially when handling school-wide activities. This might need the extra attention of the club leaders for even a small lapse in logistics provision might prove to be detrimental to the entire event.


Always prepare an ‘emergency kit’ of the most useful tools during the event, such as a masking tape, a pair of scissors, a stereo jack, or even spare boxes. These small tools will prove to be handy especially when dealing with accidental lapses on stage.

Campaign Intensely

Nothing can be as effective as conducting a massive campaign for the event in making the event relevant and talk-of-the-town. By campaigning intensely, you will be ensured of meeting the minimum number of attendees for your event and will make your club look more legitimate.

You may want to utilize the power of social media in order to keep the event in people’s mind. You may also use text brigades as an alternative. In case that you have a spare budget for publicity, you may want to print out posters and place them to where people frequently stay (e.g. library, bulletin boards, coffee shops).

Secure Key Attendees

After campaigning, make sure that the event has reached its targeted audience. When handling an event for the freshmen students, make sure that your event invites will reach this group of people. Alternatively, when you want to conduct an academic event such as seminars and trainings, you may want to secure the presence of school instructors and teachers for added legitimacy and relevance.

Prepare Post-Event Campaigns

Lastly, your club will want to leave an impression to those who have attended the event. This is your chance to sell the name of the club for future memberships, or to ask for feedbacks for future event improvements. Preparing post-event gimmicks will make an impression on the people that your club cares for your audience and target participants.


Whatever event your club will organize, make sure that these basic tips will be followed accordingly. It will not only secure the legitimacy of your club, but will also show to the people the capability of the club to handle things on its own.

Creating Activities For Your Club

There we have it! A club that holds your visions and members who ride with your vision boat. Now, what? What should we do with our boat full of people? We can’t just stand (or sit) there watching the waves or watching other people on other boats do something fun. We have to do something for ourselves! Every club has got something to do other than existing. If nothing happens, it is time for you to move into action.

Ask, “What do we need?”

In figuring out what to do, you should ask yourselves, what do we need. Brainstorming activities right away is a challenge for every club out there so you have got to start somewhere. Start with this question and work out from there.


Answers to the question of needs will not only allow ideas for activities but it would also allow every people in your club to give suggestions founded on the significance of your club. Sometimes, what your club needs is not only for yourselves but for other people as well. From this, you could create activities that are focused on giving service to other people or solely for your members.

Ask, “What do we do with ideas?”

After a long list of suggestions of what could be done, decide which of all the ideas would you actually do. Yes, all ideas can be good and beneficial but would it be feasible? Can you and your club members pull it off? Ask yourselves. Only you and your members can commit to those ideas. Consider your finances too! Will your funds be enough? If your idea of an activity is a fundraiser, ask yourselves if you have enough capital to ensure the activity. Would it be worth it given an estimation of the returns? Or would it be possible to partner with other clubs?


It is important to plan everything and anticipate a lot of things when it comes to creating activities for your club. Ask questions and talk about it before finalizing all your ideas into activities.

Ask, “Where will we put this?”

You are done choosing which ideas goes into the activity box. Now, it is time to decide where to put this. You have to calendar activities for organization. Bring an actual calendar! Plot the activities into the calendar. Let everyone see how all the activities go well into the calendar. You don’t want activities together in a month, would you? You need to let everyone breath from the toxicity of planning promotions!


Consider your club’s capacity in pulling off activities. It could look good if you are jam-packed with endless activities. That would let people see how amazing your club is. But, you cannot put yourselves into risk of too many sleepless nights and fund deficits if you don’t give yourselves a rest. Make time to refresh those energies and creative juices.

Keep your boat sailing! Keep your club going with all those fun activities. Remember to have the fun in planning activities. That is how it should be done.

The Rule of Thumb in Keeping A Club Relevant

It’s no easy task creating a school club and inviting members to join. For that alone, you’d be needing strength, determination and extra efforts to make it happen. But, you should also know that starting a club is only half the battle. The other half involves marketing for it to exist in the long run. If you ever wonder about how successful clubs (or student organizations) manage to be relevant for so long, here’s what you need to know.

Focus on the thrust.

You may have formed the mission and vision of your club as you started it. Also, you may already have a powerhouse of people supervising and leading the club. But have you developed the thrust? By definition, thrust is the “principal purpose” or a “line of reasoning.” It’s more about the strategy on how you can achieve your vision as a club.Think about it carefully and let your key people instill it in the minds and hearts of everyone.


Engage and excite your members.

No one could vouch for a club’s greatness better than its members. As an officer, you know you have the resources, including the funds for a reason. Always use it for the benefit of the members and not for your own. Think of a fun little get-together, a one-day sports event or a simple lunch to get to know each other well. Create a more personal and harmonious relationship with each other. Your members would definitely appreciate it.


Delegate tasks.

According to an article written by Keyclub, club members are more interested when they’re handed responsibilities. This makes them feel useful and needed even with the simple task of being in charge of registration. Of course, bigger tasks are more advantageous both for the member and the club. For example, ask a guy to organize and oversee a sports rally event together with an officer. It may just be a way for him to discover his passion and strength for an Event and Logistics’ work. US News says it will follow them all through life. It will also give them a hindsight of what they could do in the future. You’re not only keeping a sports-minded guy in your club, you’re also helping him unlock his other potentials.


Keep your club visible online.

Create a page and do regular posting with sports-related and club-related content. Let your members share it on their pages or post about it in their own timelines. Have a “multimedia officer” run your social media pages so everyone can see the fun, excitement, bonding, and learnings your club has to offer. It’s also a possible way to attract other clubs to do a collaboration with you. Remember, external affairs are just as important as internal affairs. Staying online is marketing at its most powerful, after all.

Leadership– pass it on.

This is the most important lesson of all. If you spent a good four years serving and leading your club, you must already have someone trained to take your position after your term. During your year/s as an officer, see to it that you have an “apprentice” or an “assistant officer” doing your work so he or she can succeed once you leave. It’s one thing to be good at what you do. But, it’s also on a completely different level if you are capable of influencing and teaching someone to do better than you (of course, not in a spiteful way).

The leaders or officers drives the life of the group. Therefore, you should make sure that the next ones are just as passionate about achieving the mission, vision and thrust of your club, to keep it going and growing each passing day.

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