Student Leadership Skills That Are Beneficial For The Student And The Student Body


When you have had a leadership role in high school, it can make a whole lot of difference when you apply for college. Student leaders are described as promoters of school events, great problem solvers, and resourceful individuals who demonstrate positive attributes. They are, therefore, role models for their fellow and future generations.

Hard work, achievements, and acknowledgment are important elements that make confident and optimistic self-image. When students accept positions of great responsibility in the school and community, they will feel proud of themselves. This goes to show that doing good for others is an effective means of encouraging students to become leaders.

Leadership roles not only help students in high school and college but also in their professional lives. A study done at California University, Santa Barbara, revealed that those with leadership responsibilities in high school had a higher likelihood of holding managerial and executive positions when they become professionals and will be earning more than average incomes.

Some areas of leadership that students will benefit from include:

  • Athletics
  • Academics (debate club, etc.)
  • Peer tutoring groups
  • Theater and Arts
  • Political student parties
  • Literature and publications


Becoming A Leader

Below is a collection of the most common tips that have helped many students accomplish leadership roles in high school.

  1. Gain Skills And Experience. You must already know that before you become head of the school paper, you have to be a reporter or a writer first. Maybe start in your sophomore year, so you’ll have a lot of space to grow and excel. Consistently doing great work in your position will get you to the leadership role in your senior or even your junior year.


  1. Learn To Work Harmoniously With Others. Executives have robust interpersonal skills, and listening to others and asking questions is among the attitudes that make exceptional interpersonal abilities. If you’re the type who does all the talking and does not know how to listen, you better get rid of that attitude. It doesn’t reflect compassion and teamwork, which are very important to work with fellow students, teachers, and others.


  1. Be Aware Of Your Strengths. You must know what you’re good at so you can capitalize on that. Explore your passions and polish on your innate skills. If you think you want to write but haven’t tried it, then enroll in a writing class, see if you can excel there. If you have a gift of persuading people to do something good for the school, then you’re going to do great in the student government.
  1. Act-On Your Plans. Do not write and set your goals without acting on them. Always follow through with action – it’s the only way to achieve those goals, and you know that. As they say, each one of us has an excellent idea, but not everyone can realize that idea and make it happen.


  1. Be Positive. Focus on the goal and maintain a positive attitude, especially during challenging times. You should be your members’ strength, so you must show them that optimism. If you lost a game, for example, don’t cry it out or burst into anger. Tell your team that the next game is going to be yours, and you have to correct what needs to be corrected.


Important Reminders

If, for instance, you are not the number one player of your team, you can be the top scorer. Or you may not be your school paper’s editor-in-chief, but your articles have won praises and awards nationwide. Remember that your passion and commitment are more significant than a title before or after your name. Do what you love doing and always keep these tips inside your pocket. You’ll be a great leader in no time!





Five Great Fundraising Tips For Your School Club



 We all at some point in our lives may have found ourselves associating with a school club or cause. It is not only a healthy social activity to engage in, but a way for us to express our passions and interests in a positive manner. Being part of a school club comes with a lot of new opportunities as well as enormous responsibilities. Amongst the latter is the responsibility of fundraising and gaining more support for your club. 

Why Join A School Club? 


In addition to looking good on our student profiles, a school club membership can be a great way of developing managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Many school clubs also operate in the same way as businesses do; sometimes they might even have similar organizational structures. In addition to this, activities like fundraising can be a good way of exercising one’s creative mind and finding new social contacts. In addition to this, being part of a school club will make one feel like a productive and valued member of society, instead of feeling unappreciated and alone.  

Fundraising Tips 

Fundraising is important for the continuation of a club. It also aids in the success of the cause or the goal the members of the club are pursuing. Below is a list of five great fundraising tips one can follow to raise money and awareness about his or her school club. 
  1. Mobile-responsive donation forms 

You might have already created an online donation form for raising money for your school club, however, it is important that this donation form is mobile responsive. As almost everyone owns and uses a mobile device nowadays, it is one of the best ways of reaching a larger group of people. Being more mobile-responsive means that people do not have to constantly resize the donation form will accessing it through their mobile devices. Furthermore, each field especially the ‘donate here’ box must be easily visible and the text, as well as the images, must be lined vertically. 

2. Food sale 

Everyone loves a food sale and it does not even cost a lot. You can organize perhaps a bake sale day to raise money for your school club. You can stay traditional with cupcakes and brownies, or can even be more inventive by selling food that represents your cause. For instance, if the cause is about environmental protection perhaps tree-shaped biscuits or cupcakes with green icing would be a good idea. 

3. Sports event 

A sports event is a great way of engaging a lot of people in your locality. It can be open to not only school students but parents as well. You can charge a ticket for participation in the event or for viewing it; a lot of parents would love to come to watch basketball with their basketball enthusiast children. In addition to this, a sports event can also include obstacle races or food stalls. The profits can be contributed to the school club. A sports event would be a great way of publicizing your cause to a larger audience. 

4. Peer to Peer fundraising 

It is a common form of fundraising that almost all school clubs use. The idea is of creating a strong base of current supporters and donors. Each one of them is supposed to build their own donation page that links back to the club’s page. They must use their social influence by reaching out to more people on behalf of your school club. 

5. Write letters 

Letters can be a professional way of reaching prospective sponsors and donors. It is important for the school club and its cause are clearly introduced in the letter. It must not only be informative but should also have a personal and genuine touch to it. 

Therefore, follow the aforementioned tips and raise funds for your school club. 

Reason To Be Grateful In Life

As a child, we grew up with our parents always reminding us to be nice to other people and to always say “Thank You”. We have done this practice because we think that we need to grow up as well-mannered and kind individuals. That it is socially right and it is expected from us by the community we grew up to. But why should we really be grateful? What are the good reasons to make gratitude a daily practice and part of our routine? 



It Makes You Happy 

Yes, it simply makes you happier. A good reason to start your day is to feel grateful and happy. Being grateful for all the blessings you have can make wonders for your day. When we feel grateful for someone who showed us an act of kindness, as humans, we are compelled to give back. In reciprocating this feeling, it becomes a cycle that is not only good for you but to society as well.  

There are actually psychological researches done about being grateful. A group of people was asked to spare 20 minutes of their daily morning routine to write anything that they are grateful for. It can be anything for as long as they are thankful for it. Small or big, it does not matter. The result was, that a group of people who continued that routine for a month were, in fact, happier with their lives. 

Try it! Do make it a “first thing in the morning” practice to meditate and just simply write or say to yourself at least five blessings you have in your life. It could just be a simple “thank you for the good weather, for the hearty breakfast, for my cat, etc.”. It could be things you were happy about yesterday. You can even do this on your way to work while driving. Whichever works for you, as long you can practice being grateful! 


It Makes You Healthy 

Being grateful in fact has a positive effect on your wellbeing. It gives you that instant boost in your feelings just by remembering the things you were happy and grateful for. It makes you feel blessed even in a small way. It has the positive vibes that surround you. Positive feeling means a more positive outlook in your life. 

Thanking those blessings attracts more of those blessings to come into your life. Being grateful also means being more resilient to life. Drama and trauma in your life normally happen once in a while right? It is a fundamental part of living, yet if you know very well that you have been blessed, you are grateful, then, these negative things will be easier for you to overcome. That’s because you try to see the light in every situation. That is how you cope up with life.   

Appreciation, feeling of gratitude, and positive emotions were linked to optimism which in turn has a good impact on the well-being and the health of any person. Studies show that it has a beneficial effect on better sleep, a good heart condition, immune system, and mental health as well. People also have a better coping mechanism with loss and trauma because they are mentally strong. 

Positive Outlook in Your Life 

It has been proven that being grateful is linked to being happy and being happy in turn makes you more positive and content in your life.  It gives you confidence because you know that whatever adversity life throws at you, you know that you’ll survive it. It may sound like cliché, but it is true, you always see the bright side of life. 

Move Forward 

Gratitude helps heal the past, it lets you move forward and focus more on the blessings that you have in the present. You do not dwell in the past because you know that what you have right now is better than before in one way or another. It makes you move on with your mistakes. Gratitude makes you realize the lessons you need to learn and be thankful for them. You do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself because you know that every situation has a hidden gift of blessing in them.  

Be  More Patient 

It also makes you more patient, while waiting for the things you are praying for, gratitude makes you appreciate the things that you go through or have while waiting for that answered prayer. It makes you develop that feeling of kindness and compassion to other people because you know that you are far too blessed which also strengthens your spirituality and belief.  

Let Go 

Gratitude helps you let go of the things you do not have control of. You accept the fact that change is imminent in this world. You let the world take its turn and welcome all the changes it has to offer. You embrace all these things because you always feel positive about any circumstance or change it will have on your life. You go on with your life knowing that whatever happens, you know that you can and will cope up. Gratitude makes you a much stronger individual than before both mentally and physically.  


Better Relationship 

Showing appreciation and value to one’s partner has a beneficial effect on any relationship. It makes your partner feel good of themselves and in return makes you also feel good of yourself. Appreciation of one another significantly improves the relationship. A simple thank you for the small things your partner does for you can come a long way. It both makes you feel better about having one another. 

Gratitude is not just beneficial for a relationship that involves couples. It can also make a difference in your relationship with your friends, family, colleagues and the community. People love to be with people who exude positive energy than be with people who always complain about their life. The positive energy that these people have radiates back to the people around them. This is the reason why grateful people are very likable. They are happy and light to be with.  Source: 

Tips on Becoming The High School Club President


When you enter college, the deans and administrators will not only look for high grades and attendances. They also delve into your extracurricular activities. Committees who ‘filter’ students coming into their department scan the students’ experience and dedication in the organizations that they have been members of in their high school years. Of course, they’re also interested about your mental and physical health or whether you went into detention or therapy, but a huge part of what they’re looking for are the competitions, recognition, and leadership positions you had in the past. 

If you happen to ask your old classmates who are applying to different colleges, they would also realize the same thing: extracurricular activities play a vital role in college admissions. So if you were president of one of your favorite high school clubs, then you probably have one leg inside that department already. Being the club president will serve as your ticket to the admissions people that you have the capacity to take on responsibility, with which you will face plenty in college life. 

But, really, how does one go from being a usual club member to being the president of the club? Here are some tips on how to be chosen as president of your favorite high school club. 

  • Get To Know Your Fellow Members. If you’ve been in an organization for about a year, chances are, you already know most of your fellow club members. Slowly reach out to your closest ones and inform them of your intention of becoming president. Listen to them and ask them to honestly tell you about the issues that they want to be addressed. Make a mental list of these issues and think about how you can eliminate them if you were given the opportunity. Also, establish a friendship with the club adviser, as he or she will have other insights that you, as students don’t often see. 

Build Trust And Leadership. This is another crucial step in becoming club president. You must show the other members that you are respectable and well-mannered. Practice the art of listening because it is a valuable trait that every leader must possess. These qualities you must show even before you do not have plans of becoming club president, as every member must learn to respect and treat another without judgment. Be a good role model in terms of completing tasks and following guidelines. Take the club seriously so that everyone will rely on you and trust you. 

Learn The Club Rules And Election Process. This is a rather technical matter that you can discuss with your faculty adviser since she is expected to have more knowledge on this than anyone in the club. For instance, some organizations require someone else to nominate you formally for you to be eligible to run for club president. In others, there is no need. You can just express your intention of running or simply nominate yourself. Additionally, some clubs don’t have a formal election procedure. Instead, the club president is appointed by the current club leadership or the faculty adviser herself. 

Compose An Eloquent Speech. There’s usually a formal campaign period where the candidates are asked to deliver a speech to summarize their intent, their goals, and their plans for the club. Write a powerful speech and take it seriously. Be genuine with your words and don’t fill it with flowery phrases that would only tarnish the trust that you’ve started to build among the members. This is probably the only time that you can voice out how you feel about the club and what you want for the club to succeed. Finally, end your speech by telling them of a quote that represents your vision for the club – one that is in line with the organization’s recent mission and goals. And then do not forget to thank everyone. 


In Case You Don’t Become The Club President… 

It may sound cliché, but yes, losing is part of the game. Make a graceful exit. Do not become a sore loser – everybody hates a sore loser. Be someone who remains confident that there is something that the club can offer. You might not be president this year, but because you have shown utter dignity, you will be chosen to be vice president, or the PR guy, which means that you will emerge stronger next year. 

Being a club president does look striking on your college applications, but it is not the end of you and where you hope to be. There are other equally important leadership roles that you can create where none existed in the past. 

11 TV Shows That Can Teach New York Kids A Thing Or Two About Survival


Growing up as a child in New York may be a dream for some, but others who experience it tend to frequent a psychotherapist’s office more often than someone who was born and bred in the country. Despite the excessive number of opportunities that can open up for you in the Big Apple, after all, you have to deal with many problems as well. E.g., hours of traffic, water and air pollution, high housing costs, et cetera. 

Apart from that, being a city sleeker entails that these kids may not be able to adapt quickly to a new environment. That is especially true if they get displaced in the wild, yet the most outdoorsy thing that they have ever done is sleep in a tent in the backyard. 

Considering you want to teach survival tips to your children, you may allow them to watch the following shows. 

1. Combat Zone 

Combat Zone is a documentary TV series shown on the Military Channel in 2007 to show us what the lives of military men and women are like when they are on the battlefield. 

It makes viewers realize that to come out alive from a place where a lot of adversaries can target you at any angle, you need to be determined and focused on what’s happening around you. 

2. Falling Skies 

A series produced for TV by Steven Spielberg, Falling Skies is about the new state that world has been in six months after the alien invasion, and how a band of survivors in Massachusetts has joined forces to reclaim the planet Earth. 

The show explains to us using more than words the only way you can continue to live after an apocalypse, which is an event that elicits fear from most humans. 


3. Doomsday Preppers 

The concept of Doomsday Preppers centers on some people in the United States who are already preparing for the day that the planet will not be able to stand still. 

How to be always prepared for the worst to happen is what we can learn from this reality show. No one can predict when Doomsday will come, but having the essentials packed – food, clothes, floating devices, et cetera – for you and your family beforehand is not a bad idea. 

4. Life After People 

Life After People was a two-season television show that, as the title implies, discusses what disastrous incidences will take place in various critical locations in the globe in case the humans vanish all of a sudden. 

It will be unfortunate if the predictions made in the series will come to reality. Nonetheless, it still is a must to know all these probable aftermaths so that we can ensure that humans will not perish entirely from the face of the Earth. 

5. Man, Woman, Wild 

Man, Woman, Wild is a reality TV series in which a real-life husband and wife stay in the most remote places across the globe without complete rations. 

This show helps us appreciate the importance of learning some survival techniques even if you are with someone who is an expert at it. Hopefully, it does not happen in reality. In case that person disappears, though, at least you are equipped to rely on your skills. 

6. Top Sniper 

Another survival show on the Military Channel, Top Sniper, archives a competition held at Fort Benning, Georgia to decide which among their sniper teams is the best. 

The sniper’s sharp eyes and precision at handling their gun can save lives – theirs and their comrades’ – during an encounter. For the civilians, these traits remind us that we have to stay alert and grounded at all times if we want to survive an attack – physically, emotionally or mentally. 



7. The Walking Dead 

The Walking Dead provides the audience with a glimpse of a world that is swamped by zombies that can spread a mysterious type virus on the living and turn them into zombies as well. 

We have seen from the TV series how surviving in that kind of circumstance as a breathing human is close to impossible. Despite that, the characters have also exhibited that if you can’t win against them, leave the town and avoid them for as long as you can. 

8. Top Shot 

Top Shot is a show for sharpshooters that features two opposing teams consisting of eight members each who battle it out to see who is most skilled in using diverse kinds of weapons. The winner brings home the prize money amounting to $100,000 and becomes the “Top Shot.” 

This reality show encourages people to be expert in not just one thing. Even if what you know is not related to artillery, if it’s fire-making, for instance, your knowledge has to extend beyond rubbing two stones together. 

9. The Colony 

The Colony revolves around the story of a family that is fighting to survive in a dystopian Los Angeles, which has been conquered by a new military organization which acts upon the orders of extraterrestrial beings. 

Spectators are presented with two ways to survive in such a situation – you can either display your allegiance to the people who hold power or resist them with all your might. However, no matter what you choose, you need to stand by it. 

10. Survivors 

A European flu has eradicated almost all of mankind in the Survivors series. The ones who are not infected by the contagion have had to endure on their own. 

Survivors aim to widen our perception about a world that is not governed by any law or society and offers demonstrations on how one can get out of difficult settings without much outside help. 


11. Man Vs. Wild 

Man vs. Wild is a show hosted by Bear Grylls who journeys to various parts of the world to test his strengths and limitations when it comes to survival. 

Whether you get abandoned in a seemingly barren desert or a wild forest, you can learn from Man vs. Wild the effective way to stay hydrated, warm and well-fed in these places on your own. 

Final Thoughts 

Even if many of the shows mentioned above may not be in mainstream media anymore, you can still find episodes or clips of them on the internet. Find the ones that are suitable for your kids’ age and enlighten them about the importance of learning how to survive in any circumstance. 

Good luck! 

Mental Health Benefits Of Joining A Club For Students

When students enter high school or university as freshmen, they may get overwhelmed by the number of clubs wanting to recruit them as new members. From the second they set foot at the school, after all, folks from the football or music groups may come up to tell the benefits of being in their respective organizations. The theater or dance club may also hold a little performance to entice the students to become one of them. Of course, the academic circles participate and look for more brainy fellows. 

While having many club options allows people to choose the most suitable one for them, some become indecisive and have a hard time selecting any. Others end up clubless, especially when they realize that it’s possible to survive the first year without it. 

Nevertheless, joining a club does not merely give students like you instant friends or study buddies. It can be advantageous for your mental health, which is undeniably vital in an educational yet competitive environment. The following are the perks you can get from the activity. 



1. Boost Your Confidence 

The primary benefit of becoming a school club member is that it may increase your self-esteem. Since you will be seeing the same people in that group, you have no choice but to introduce yourself and hopefully befriend them. They will encourage you as well to get out of your shell and show your talents. The more you interact with these students, the more you may feel confident about talking to others. 


2. Gain A New Experience 

There is rarely a rule stating that a student has no right to join two clubs at the same time, considering they do not have similar activities. For example, one focuses on geology, while the other is all about archery. It is advisable to do so, to be honest, primarily when you wish to expand your skillset and be excellent at more than a single activity. 

You won’t find any clause either that requires every member of the organization to become the best in their field of interest. You may have a background knowledge regarding the matter or merely be curious about what folks do in that club, and they may still accept you. 



3. Have An Outlet For Stress 

Furthermore, entering a group that likes the same things that you do can effectively make your stressful day better. If you are a choir member, for instance, and you have issues back home that affect your academic performance, you may use music to turn the negative energy into something positive. You can belt out belt out a powerful song, pour your heart into a ballad, or sing upbeat tunes to distract yourself from the problem. Hence, once the session is over, your stress level may no longer be soaring as well. 

Final Thoughts 

As mentioned above, when you join a club, you do not only have people to share your interests with or a place to go to during break time. It is not merely excellent for your resume either when you are ready to enter the workforce. The truth is that becoming a part of an organization whose beliefs you stand behind can keep you from acquiring depression, anxiety, and other disorders that will surely endanger your mental health. 


Simple Activities For You And Your Friends’ Mental Wellness

The modern world nowadays has already become more and more sensitive and aware of the mental wellness of every one of us. Companies, schools, and community organizations have made it a thing to create programs and initiate activities that would promote the mental health of their respective employees, students, staff, and the whole community in general.  


However, some may be repulsed by the idea of joining a large group of people for activities geared towards mental betterment. Well, it’s okay if you and your friend or circle of friends initiates your simple undertaking and recreation to relieve some stress and increase each other’s emotional resilience.  

Here are some fun and light ideas that you can enjoy and kick off informally:  

Walk/ Jog/Run  

Inactiveness and sedentary lifestyle are usually the main contributors to heart problems, obesity, and eventually loss of self-confidence. Together with your closest friends, find time to jog together around the neighborhood or to some green parks to relieve some tension and breathe fresher air.  

Sometimes, stress of the mind can also be brought by the chaotic surroundings (could be the pile of books, mountains of documents, and empty boxes of checklists in your room and your phone) that you can’t seem to get rid of.  

On a more technical side, exercise releases endorphins and enkephalins, which are known as the chemicals responsible for your body to feel good (a.k.a. natural painkillers). Psychologists frequently recommend exercise to their mentally- and emotionally-exhausted patients. Doing these simple exercises with your friends can also give you a break from damaging self-talk and self-pity.  

Yoga At Home  


Aside from the fact that it improves flexibility, Yoga is now receiving attention and much appreciation for its benefits on the mental and emotional health of everyone. The coordinated poses you do in yoga not just burn calories and relieve tight muscle joints or tensions but they also help in freeing your mind and soul from anxiety. 

It is also good prevention of mental problems as it is an effective practice to increase one’s heart rate variability, which aids in the body’s ability to respond and react properly to stress.  

Dance/Join A Dance Or Zumba Class  

Sometimes, the constricted lifestyle and sedentary way of living contribute much to the decrease of one’s emotional resilience. Dance, move and get lively with your friends to boost your mood, your cognitive skills, and your energy levels. Moreover, you can also meet new people to have fun, talk and laugh with during the dancing sessions.  

Coffee And Tea Party  

Smile, laugh and reminisce those funny memories you had together way back. This way, you will also see how far you have come and how tough you became for the challenges you have conquered because you are what you are now. Recognize each other’s progress and maybe plan something to reward yourselves (e.g., a vacation plan for all of you, a shopping spree).   

You can also discuss some light topics over coffee and tea (or pizza). It can also be the case that your friends’ differing attitudes, stories, and perspectives will ignite some motivation and inspiration for you.  

Sleepover And Chill  

Netflix and chill. Order to-go snacks and meals. Forget about the calories (if you are a calorie-conscious person) to treat yourself and do your body a favor (a.k.a. a cheat day!). Have some heart-to-heart talks with your friends.  

Before you know it, you are already sharing your problems and opening up with them. And there they are, cheering and giving you fresh perspectives and new solutions to resolve whatever’s bugging you. 


The idea behind these simple activities and endeavors is to take a break, free your mind from the thoughts of schoolwork, office tasks, and everyday insecurities. Doing such activities with your friends has more positive and useful effects. Make it a habit of doing these activities regularly, if not every week, to exercise your mental and emotional resilience.  

Living Overseas: Life And Struggles of Military Families

The family is the primary lifeline that supports the means of our survival. For it to thrive, parents (ideally) have to provide for the children and be hands-on with their upbringing. However, the “mother, father, and children living together” situation is not always the case for everybody. For some, parents need to be away from their children and spouses to work. Such is the reality for military families. 

Struggles Of A Military Spouse 


According to recent statistics, the majority of military spouses are females under 35 years of age. The father is often deployed in faraway countries to render service, leaving the mother in charge of the household. While staying married, military spouses feel as if they are single parents because the responsibility of running the house falls entirely on them. 

“There are a lot of sacrifices that you should make,” a military wife says. This forbearance includes a change of attitude and lifestyle and putting on a tough face to make the marriage work and provide a healthy family environment for the children. Here are some finer points of what military spouses experience: 

  • Managing Fear And Worry 

It’s inevitable to feel anxious from time to time because you know that your spouse is in a dangerous place. You are also well aware of your spouse’s commitment to protecting the country no matter what the cost; at any day, he or she may take a bullet for a comrade and a commanding officer. 

It’s tough to live with this possibility every single day. But in time, you will get used to it and put your trust in the omniscient, omnipotent being that holds the universe together because there are things that you surely cannot control. 

  • Compromising Career 

Moving is part of being in a military family. According to research, military families relocate ten times more than civilian families.  For non-service spouses, maintaining a career with this setting is very difficult. You should accept that you have to put your job in the back burner and focus on your family for the time being. 

  • Making LDR Work 

A lot of people say that a long-distance relationship does not work. But many military families are happily retired and have emerged successfully from being away for so long from their spouses. But actually, it is so much tougher than it looks. 

There will be days when you will crave your spouse’s embrace after a bad day. New Year’s midnight kiss and Christmas morning cuddles will be missed, sometimes for years at a time. 

These men and women are commendable with their perseverant spirits to endure all of these. But it is equally a struggle for those service members living overseas. 

Struggles Of A Deployed Military Personnel 

According to studies almost 20% of service members assigned in the Middle East experience mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.  Being away from your family is tough enough, and then you have to be in an unfamiliar country, stripped away of the basic comforts you enjoy at home. 

All your life, you have been training to serve the country. Maybe as a kid, you have always dreamed of being a soldier. You take pride that your job is one of the noblest professions and have already accepted the sacrifices that come with it. However, military training cannot turn you into a heartless person. There will be days when you go through rough patches and long for your family’s presence. 

Here are some of the experiences the military personnel go through after deployment: 

  • Missing The Special Days 

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays usually pass by without your spouse and kids. It will get lonely, but you have to make the most of it. Typically, calls and emails are allowed during this time.  But the tangible presence of your significant other and children other is undoubtedly missed. 

  • Battling Existential Crisis 

Being in a war zone, you cannot help but think about when it is going to be your last day. However, more than thinking about yourself, you also worry about the people that you will leave behind. Although you know that your death will most likely be honorable, you are aware of how heartbroken your family is going to be when you are gone after being away from you for a long time. 



  • Missing Being A Parent 

This one is probably the biggest regret of overseas military personnel. You will likely miss the firsts of your child, and maybe you will be recognized by your baby as “mommy” or “daddy” on the computer or phone screen where you talk a few times a month. As much as you want to be involved in the upbringing of your child, you can’t avoid feeling helpless because you are a thousand miles away. 

Having said this much, families who are thriving in this situation are remarkable. Being away from loved ones will surely take a toll on our emotional well-being, but it takes a steadfast heart and mind to endure all of these. 

On a final note, some organizations allow you to send support to military families by sending thank you letters to the deployed soldier. This appreciation will encourage them and help their emotional state. By this little act, we are also taking part in protecting the country by supporting our soldiers as they endure service without the comforts of their families. 

Spreading Kindness And Appreciation


“It is better to give than to receive.” An old cliche we often encounter in donation boxes, panhandlers, and even our friends. However, we would like to highlight another famous quotation saying, “give a man a fish and he will live for a day, but teach the man how to fish and he will live for the rest of his life.” We believe that kindness is a trend that never goes out of style. It is also vital that we realize that in paying forward and spreading kindness, it is not only shown in dole out or almsgiving. It is very helpful to society and mankind to take charge and be on the giving end.

Ways to say “Thank You!”

Kindness and appreciation are not only shown in the form of gifts or money. A thank you can also be shown by giving time to another person and sharing talents or information. Another gesture of gratefulness is by helping others in whatever way possible, no matter how big or small that gesture is.

Saying thank you in the form of gifts and surprises.

When picking gifts for the significant people in our lives such as family, relatives, and friends, we should take into consideration the things that these people value. It does not mean that if we like bags or clothes, these people want to receive the same gifts as well. Some people are happy with quality time over a good conversation and a cup of coffee. We must take into consideration the kind of gifts that actually make them happy and not just assume what they will like according to our standards.


Paying it forward by sharing your talents.

If you know how to play the guitar, maybe you can give free classes. Maybe you’re good at dancing or maybe you can organize a fundraising activity and give the proceeds to help send children to school. We are all created with unique characteristics which can make this world a better place.

Moreover, there are resources available online such as counseling and online therapy that can provide information and guidance regarding activities on how to show deep appreciation to others. May it be showing appreciation to the neighbor who lend a helping hand or a co-worker that helps you to get through a rough day. Participating in volunteer work can also be helpful. You can also contribute and allocate a portion of your income in stipends or give it to charitable institutions to aid their causes.


It means a try it today

It has been said that life is a cycle of give and take, withdraw and deposit or we reap what we sow. The more acts of kindness we do for other people doesn’t mean that we expect them to return or reciprocate it.

Sometimes, the law of karma has its own way of dealing with things. If you give bread, do not expect bread in return from that person. Sometimes, the gift comes back to you in a different form. It could be your wish being granted or things that are not tangible and visible to the eye. Therefore, never stop paying it forward. You’ll never know that unkind person you touched today might pass the kindness on.

Easy Ways To Show Gratitude To Our Soldiers

In the past few years, I always try to be updated in every news that concerns my community and my country. It is my way to be a responsible citizen. However, these past few months have been really difficult, not only in the local community but also worldwide. The increasing number of news relating to terrorist attacks, the war on drugs, homeless refugees is really depressing to watch on a daily basis. That’s why it is hard for me to turn on the TV and watch the chaos going on all over the world.

If not for our brave soldiers, I wouldn’t be enjoying my delicious cup of white mocha in my favorite coffee shop right now. They deserve all the acknowledgment and appreciation for sacrificing their own lives to protect us. We all know that there will always be an outbreak of violence. But, having that assurance that they would always be there to protect us makes it easier to live by every single day. Therefore, if you know anyone who is in the military, it won’t hurt to give at least a small token of appreciation for all their sacrifices.


Here are some few tips that can help you to have an idea on how you can show your appreciation to our brave soldiers:

Smile and Acknowledge Their Deeds

You won’t definitely break a sweat by offering a sweet smile to your friend soldier. Smiling is the easiest way to show your gratitude for all the things that they are doing to protect the nation. Add up a simple acknowledgment and for sure, you can make their day brighter. Smiling and acknowledging their deeds would cost you zero penny. There’s really nothing left to lose.


Offer Them a Meal

Being a soldier is really tough. You do not know when would be the next ration of food will come, nor the next instance when you can spend time with your family. If you will have the opportunity to cook a meal for a soldier, don’t let it pass. I assure you that it would mean so much to them. A delicious meal nurtures the soul.


Give Them a Simple Thank You Letter

Nothing could go wrong with a simple letter. It is very simple, yet heartwarming. A thank you letter is also cheap and very easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of time to write one. All you have to do is to write the letter from your heart. I’m pretty sure that a sincere thank you letter would make any soldier feel special. It is a small token you can give in return for their hard work.