What I Learned Growing Up As A Military Brat

As a daughter of a man in the Air Force, I identify with several other teenagers and young adults who are part of the military culture. While my father’s career was not a choice I made, I chose to embrace the “military brat” moniker. Sure, it’s tough, but growing up in this culture and environment taught me valuable lessons that help set me for life as a young adult.


One of the things particularly instilled in me is punctuality. There goes a saying, “early is on time; on time is late.” I would always strive to at least be 15 minutes early to any appointment or meeting. This gives me enough time to prep, especially for any sudden changes that may come up. It also shows professionalism, as well as good time management skills.

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When people think of the armed forces, “discipline” is often the first word to come to mind. It’s no different when it comes to us children. No room or time for rebellious phases and acts. If I’ve committed myself to working on something, I stick to it.

Growing up, I would gradually develop self-discipline. I didn’t need to wait for my father to point out something before I acted upon it or fixed it myself. Although fixing myself wasn’t always the best thing for me, something I didn’t realize until speaking with a therapist online.

Hard Work

Nowadays, people like to call out my generation for acting very entitled. We “millennials” supposedly have everything given to us on a silver platter. I beg to differ. Growing up, I had to work for everything I needed and wanted. This isn’t to say that my parents didn’t provide me with my basic needs, but it also wasn’t just easily given to me all the time.

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I had my own household chores and responsibilities. If I wanted the new Harry Potter book, I had to work for it, not just ask for it. This helped me to develop great work ethic to the point that I don’t even like staying idle for too long.

Moving On

As military families often have to move, we have to move away from the homes we’ve just started to get used to. This means having to leave behind new friends and new spaces. That doesn’t mean having to permanently say goodbye, develop depression and completely lose connection. I’ve kept in touch with many of the friends I made growing up.

Regardless, my experience has taught me to not get too attached. Don’t make houses out of people. I’ve learned to be able to stand on my own and deal with having to move away. I can still keep in touch with people, and I can go back to visit old spaces in the future.

Learning New Cultures

I’m sure many will agree with me that even simply moving to another state means dealing with a different culture. Growing up, I’ve been exposed to different types of people, activities, interests, beliefs and even cuisine and music. This is probably one of my favorite things about being a military brat.

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I’ve been able to learn so much from different cultures, and I’ve taken up many values within myself. It’s beautiful being able to see how diverse people can be. I’ve learned to be more accepting and even fond of this diversity.

Underneath The Armor

What is a soldier?

 Soldiers are heroes.

Many would hold that soldiers are heroic and worthy of praise. It’s not difficult to see why. When people decide to join the army, they are making a conscious decision to leave their family and friends behind. They leave the comfort of their homes and go through rigorous, sometimes merciless, training sessions.

All for what? For their country, the nation, and the people who live in it. Once the training is done, they’re thrown into the heat of battle, where they risk their lives. They fight in the name of their country.

These men and women who sign up to fight in the army are making the ultimate sacrifice. Regardless of what side a soldier chooses, deciding to fight and possibly die for one’s country is a commendable act. It’s an act of putting others before oneself.

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Soldiers choose to dedicate their lives to their country, despite many other, possibly more convenient, options. That is certainly something worthy of praise–something heroic.

Soldiers are monsters.

Others hold that these people are monstrous and should be loathed. Their entry into the army is a free pass to kill. One could even say it’s their special skill to kill on command. Indeed, soldiers can murder those they barely know. It’s in the job description, after all.

In the heat of battle, there are only those who are with you and those who are against you. One must simply protect the former and shoot the latter. Faces and names don’t matter.

What’s more, these people could be fighting for all the wrong reasons. True, they did give up a lot when they decided to enter the army. But what good would that be if they were fighting for the wrong?

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Soldiers make themselves commodities–weapons that simply point and shoot. And there isn’t anything heroic about that.

Soldiers are humans.

We sometimes forget that these “heroes” or these “monsters” are just like us–human.

Underneath all the badges and armor is a colleague, a comrade-in-arms, and a brave fighter. Behind the war paint and the rugged exterior is a parent, a sibling, and a son or daughter. Look past the stern expression, the battle scars, and the intimidating aura. Underneath all that is a human.

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Humans can be heroes. They can choose to be altruistic and fight for the people of their country. They can choose to leave their lives behind for the sake of some greater good. And they can do things that are more than worthy of praise.

Humans are also fallible, able to make mistakes, like anyone else. This, however, does not make them monsters. When they fight for the wrong reasons, it’s not always their fault. Sometimes the blame falls on the higher-ups whose hearts are no longer in the right place. Yes, death is in the job description, but as sad as it seems, bloodshed is an inevitable consequence of war. Moreover, these men and women do not simply devolve into mindless, trigger-happy puppets. Many still have a choice in the matter. Many still listen to their conscience.

Soldiers are humans too. We mustn’t forget that.

Why Is It Important To Say Thank You?

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Why is it important to say thank you?

The question may be off to you. Or you might think, where is this leading to? Simple. I’m just asking why do we need to say thank you? Does it matter much? Let’s examine some important discussions.

“What? No thank you?!”

Over a month ago, I was chatting with this lady online and we were trading stories about hobbies and collections. I openly shared that I am a collector of Starbucks City Mugs. She also claimed the same thing. Gaining affinity to her, I decided to send her three City Mugs that I have as double pieces and no longer need anyway.

I was hoping to hear back from her online stating that she received the package, but to my dismay, I never got one. I sent her emails following up and checking up on her to see if maybe she got sick or god-knows-what happened to her. But really, I did not receive an acknowledgment nor a thank you note from her. What would you feel if you were in my situation?

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Well, maybe you will blame me for trusting a person I only met online and sent out a package to her instantly, so this just suits me. Nonetheless, the point of the matter here is the good manner of showing appreciation to the deed. Just by saying “Thank you,” it can really go a long way.

Powerful words

“Thank you” are powerful words that can move us to do more positive things or simply increase our self-esteem. When somebody says ‘thank you’ to you for a simple act that you did for them, the feeling of being appreciated and that sense of importance is overwhelming.

In the corporate world, being recognized for your hard work is seldom shown. Maybe because the big bosses do not want to be intimidated by your pro-activity or smartness in your work. Sadly, this culture still continues to exist. Employees sometimes find it disheartening that their best work is not taken seriously. Under-appreciation is mostly the name of the game. By this, productiveness and the success of employees sometimes suffer along with it.

Psychologists support the idea that by saying ‘thank you’ to a person, the dramatic change of motivating and inspiring to do more good things are significant. In children, we can easily detect or see in their behavior that there is increased self-confidence. However, it’s quite difficult to see this in adults. Nonetheless, we are already creating a positive psychological drive to do more prosocial behavior in the future.

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Gratitude To The Woman In The Military House

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It was Veteran’s Day and I had the honor of accompanying my father to their annual party. I couldn’t help but feel excited because I’ve always looked up to the men in uniform for serving the country at the expense of their families. I can’t imagine my son leaving me to serve the country, which means going to war should be one of the things that he’s prepared to do. But despite my worries for the near future, I have vowed to never stop him from choosing to join the forces. Besides, he has his grandfather’s genes – the blood of the courageous and the patriotic.

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When we arrived, we were met by our friends and their families, and I greeted them and expressed my happiness that they were finally home and with their spouses and children. Deep inside, I thanked God that they survived combat. Not everyone does. I saw a group of youngsters in one corner. I heard one of them approach one housewife, Melissa, and asked her if she could be interviewed. Melissa was surprised and she said, “Why me? My husband’s around. I’ll introduce you to him.”

But the youngster said, “No, we’re really here for you and for the rest of the military wives who are here. We want the world to know that you deserve a thank you, for all you’ve done.” I managed to smile and hide the tear falling from my cheek. It was so touching. I realized that these housewives do have important roles for the greater good of the country.

I listened in and the young lady asked Melissa, “So tell us about a day in your household when you husband comes home. What’s the feeling?”

“Well,” Melissa said, “Of course the first day is just bliss. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your husband at the door, alive. And when the kids see him and hug and kiss him, it’s just a miracle. I cook my special and we enjoy every moment we have together.”

Then one of their other members went in front and announced that she wanted to say something. She said she just wanted to thank the women behind the military man, the light of the military house, for keeping the family together. Everybody agreed and cheered loudly. Then she read the rest of the gratitude list.

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Thank you for:

  1. Being both Mom and Dad to the kids when the husband leaves home to work. She has to be responsible for taking care of the home and keeping it peaceful. Most importantly, she is tasked to tell her kids good stories of their dads and how they are out there to defend our country.
  2. Giving up the things she loves doing for herself so that the others can do what they have to do. Some of them are bank executives, professors, and teachers and sometimes they are not given the choice not to give it up. They have to. That’s sacrifice and for them and it’s worth it.
  • Learning the latest ways of communicating so that family can communicate. She keeps herself up to date with Skype and other video conferencing software to support her husband from afar. Sometimes she attempts to be therapist to encourage her husband to keep the faith. She applies what she has learned from BetterHelp.com and other resources that help deal with depression and anxiety.
  • Preparing the best meals. Military wives become domesticated, although not by choice for some, but they’d get used to it in time. Her pancakes just don’t taste the same and her baked turkey is heavenly, just perfect for her hero to enjoy when he gets home.
  • The times that she wanted to give up and raise the white flag, but she didn’t. She just goes on and on and tries her best to be strong for her children. She cries only when she is alone or with her closest friends. When she arrives home, she smiles and feeds her children with love and hope.

I went home that night feeling nostalgic, inspired and grateful. I realized that military wives aren’t always acknowledged for being the persons behind the strength of their husbands – the wind beneath their wings. And though they don’t often hear the thank yous, they don’t mind, because they know that the country needs them as much as they need their husbands.

How To Prepare A Date With The Lady Soldier

When it comes to dating, most individuals might already have tons of experiences on how to make a perfect first impression. Making sure that they have the perfect attire, the perfect restaurant, the perfect introduction, they got it all covered. But what if you are going on a date with someone from the army? Particularly, a lady soldier?

Dating a lady soldier makes the whole experience of dating exciting and chaotic in a way. You have to make sure that you would impress her during the first date because a soldier like her, who serves the country, does not have tons of free time. Therefore, you better not waste her precious time.

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To help you in your agony, here are some simple tips that can help you to build your confidence and leave a good impression on that lady soldier.

Be You

As simple as it may sound, this is actually one of the faults of many people when going on dates. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not to impress your lady soldier. Given her field of job, she already met different personalities in different people. If you want to be remembered as you, you have to be you. No more shenanigans or copying styles. Your date will surely appreciate your genuine personality.

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Stay Simple

Being a soldier equips you with several survival skills and experiences. You don’t have to dress up in gold or drive in a Ferrari to catch her attention. I’m sure those things will catch her attention but you don’t want to be known as the walking gold bar. Stay simple. Simple gestures, such as telling her that she is beautiful in her dress, can already go a long way.

Don’t Be Overly Masculine

The tendency of men when dating a lady soldier is that they always want to show off how masculine they are. They want the lady soldier to know that they can protect her. However, doing this spreads the vibe of insecurity. Not because her job is a physically demanding one, you have to be stronger or more fit than her. Just be a man. Be you. Stay simple. For sure, she would appreciate that her job doesn’t intimidate you.

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Talk About Other Things Besides Being A Soldier

We get that dating a lady soldier is pretty hot. But, you have to give her a break. Don’t talk about being a soldier all night long. Having to deal with dangerous missions in her daily life is enough. Don’t suffocate her by asking questions about being a soldier. If she talks about being a soldier, then so be it. Just don’t force her or lead her unconsciously to do so.

Use these simple tips on your first date. You never know that they might be the key for that second date. If you are having trouble to build your confidence, you might want to check out online counseling to get help from professional psychologists and therapists. Have fun and enjoy!

What Types Of School Clubs Should You Consider Starting?

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Foreign language classes, tutorial sessions on various subjects, entrepreneurship workshops, and the like – are just some of the examples of the school clubs or after-school activities that aim to extend every student’s education.

These clubs, according to research, provide the opportunities for students to participate,  get involved,  try and explore activities. Certain clubs also allow you to interact with different people in a supervised setting, form relationships and bond with adults, and allows the development of skills and interests in a variety of areas that your chosen club/s offer/s.

In addition, because adolescent years are when teenagers like you are more prone to developing a mental illness like anxiety and depression – school clubs can be great distractions to focus your attention on.

However, while it is truly an enjoyable and memorable experience joining the school club/s of your choice, you might be the one who doesn’t just go with the flow. Rather, you have the initiative, passion, leadership skills, and capabilities to plan, run, and organize your own school club to help your fellow students pick the right choice, explore further, and develop their skills and talents. The very reason why you are reading this article!

Remember that there are a lot of things to consider when starting your own school club. But the very first step to make is to choose what type of school club you want to consider starting.

 At this very moment, it is understandable that you might be feeling straight up anxious about the what if’s. To help you with that, this article discusses the different types of school clubs that you might want to consider starting.

Consider starting academic clubs.

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Be more specific about what kind of academic club you want to organize – is it Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Literature, History, or the like? There are plenty of subjects to choose from and to explore more deeply.

To make it thrive, consider gathering peers and classmates who are as enthusiastic as you are about the particular subject matter. And once you’ve done this, think about what specifically you want your club to focus on – do you like doing free tutorials to help with projects and assignments or do you want to provide lectures and review classes?

Academic clubs are one of the interesting school clubs to invest your effort in. Many students struggle with the anxiety of dealing with both their subjects and extracurricular activities. You can start by providing them support and helping them survive the difficulties of academics.

Consider starting hobby or activity clubs.

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Now, if you’re not into academics that much but into hobbies instead, then why not start hobby clubs – such as anime, chess, video games, hiking, painting, or poetry writing clubs.

While this idea is already very exciting in itself as it will allow students to enjoy what they love doing while making friends, you can make it more interesting. For example – organize a small anime convention if you consider starting an anime club.

If you prefer the chess club, you can hold a tournament. As an added bonus, think about how your club can give back to the school or community. You might want to consider charging reasonable fees for your events and use the collected money to benefit a charity.

Consider starting sports clubs.

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If you are passionate about sports, if there is/are sport/s that you are good at and you want to teach others, or if there are sport/s that is/are not offered in your school – forming a sports club is a good idea.

However, consider the following – how many students are interested in participating especially if you want to form a not-so-famous sport and convincing students might be a little challenging? Are you going to seek for competitions against one another or against other schools’ clubs?

While competitions in sports are a great way to build confidence, bonding, and friendship, it doesn’t necessarily have to be competitive at all. What’s necessary is for it to be safe and enjoyable at the same time.

Consider starting political clubs.

There are many things that you can do when you start a political club, however, remember to be specific as well.

For example – you can focus on organizing a political magazine/journal/newspaper club that aims to analyze and understand political issues through interviewing local politicians.

How about a debate club? You can host and organize debate activities and contests or make your club a platform for aspiring student debaters to improve their abilities and brush off the anxiety when speaking in front of the public.

But, remember to consult first with the school. While most institutions won’t mind that their students are engaged in political issues, you have to clear it out that your beliefs as a group don’t reflect that of your institution’s.

Consider starting theater and arts clubs.

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Shakespeare, monologue, comedy clubs, and the like can be great choices if you are interested in the theater and arts club.

Read different plays and put on a production. Help students find the monologues they like and have them perform in front of the group. Let your members write scripts, direct, and perform, and finally give feedback and ideas on how to improve and develop more of the performance.

A lot of students aspire to attend college for acting. And because they have to perform as part of the audition, feeling anxious is inevitable. For this matter, let your club be the platform and training ground for a great practice where your members can improve and develop more of their talent.

Teachers: The Heroes Our Society Needs

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Society is in dire need of heroes, people who heed the call to serve. Often, we look at our soldiers as heroes for keeping us safe from threats. We also regard doctors and those in the field of medicine as heroes for tending to our health. These are the people we consider working above and beyond for the betterment of our society. However, people need to take a better look at the most basic and yet dignified profession that contributes in indescribable ways to society: teaching.

All of us have teachers that we will never forget. Teachers who eventually turn into our mentors, and at the same time become our friends. You are probably thinking one of your most memorable teachers right now, whether it is your 6th grade English teacher or your 11th grade Math teacher. Whoever it may be, this teacher of yours must have shared his or her knowledge and wisdom not just to you, but to your whole class. Depending on how you interpreted this invaluable piece of knowledge, it struck you so much that you kept it within you for years.

Multiple sacrifices

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A teacher’s job is often overlooked. When young kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, how many do you think would answer “teacher”? Teaching isn’t really seen as a glamorous job, and yet, it is one of the most laborious. Imagine the stress that a teacher undergoes in preparation for a semester, or better yet, the school year.

The list of things that a teacher does as a job is seemingly endless. For one, he or she has to come up with lesson plans every single day. But before this, a teacher must read and fully comprehend the lesson to be taught to his or her class.

Another responsibility of a teacher is finding effective strategies to teach the topics so that the students would remember and retain the lessons for future references. Moreover, materials to be used for a day’s session are also provided by the teacher, frequently with their own resources or money.

In essence, a teacher’s work is never really done. They are always so busy that it’s difficult to find time for themselves. Not to mention, many teachers are also doing their own studying, taking up further studies and completing their master’s or PhD degrees while balancing their career as a teacher. These are some of the things that teachers sacrifice for the benefit of their students.

Shaping the future of the students

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The teachers who strike us the most are those who taught us during our formative years. This is mainly because our teachers in the classroom are the ones who help us to be better individuals, not just in the classroom, but also in the outside world.

Some of them become our friends or our advisers and we can turn to them when we need some guidance. Essentially, they are our counselors. You can just come up to a teacher of yours and talk to him or her about things unrelated to school at no cost, so you wouldn’t have to worry about how much is therapy: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/therapy/can-i-afford-to-see-a-counselor-how-much-does-therapy-cost/.

Teachers provide us answers to our questions about school and about the world because they are more experienced than us. They share with us many things that we can apply to our personal lives.

A good teacher will not just simply teach you academics. He or she will also impart how to live your life in an ideal way. They shape their students’ malleable minds. It is up to them to make the next batch of individuals responsible and knowledgeable so that they can contribute in the society. This is why we need more competent and dedicated teachers today.

Being In A Relationship With A Military Man

It all started in fitness. I am a fitness junkie so I always try to put in some work out every day at the gym near my place. My sole focus was to stay fit, do well at the work outs and recover well. Little did I know, that this place filled with very competitive and fun people will be the place where I’ll meet my military man.

I usually go home right after every workout so I really didn’t have time to mingle with other people. However, this man talked to me in the middle of the class. He started to inquire about my interests and seemed to be very enthusiastic. I knew that this man was a new gym goer since I haven’t noticed him before. I answered his inquiries but still went home after the workout.

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Go On A Date With Me Or Go On A Date With Me

He gave me no choice but to go out in a dinner with him. He was so persistent. Other people at the gym told me that I should just go with him since he is in the military and doesn’t really have time to have social interaction with women like me. So, I agreed just to be civil. I didn’t expect that such a military man can be such a gentleman. He is definitely not one of those douches who just want to get laid. We certainly had a wonderful date for the first time. Hence, our relationship started to develop after that.

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Bros Before You Darling

Dating a military man is not as easy as you would think. He always has his phone within reach so that he can check it anytime there’s an emergency message. I understand the importance of his job so I usually don’t make a huge deal about it. He needs to respond to his team as soon as possible because usually the issue they have is a matter of life and death. He is serving his country to the fullest of his extent that I am just grateful that this military man gave me his special attention.

Source: army.mil

Safety 24/7

One of the most amazing things about dating a military man is that you feel safe and secured 24/7. Even if he has to leave for weeks or even months for a mission, you still feel the warm feelings of safety and security. His career might be dangerous but you know that it’s for the worthy cause of our people. You are confident that our beloved country is in safe hands because you know that one of its protectors is your significant other.

It may not be easy to be in a relationship with a military man, but you know for sure that it is all worth it.

Creating Activities For Your Club

There we have it! A club that holds your visions and members who ride with your vision boat. Now, what? What should we do with our boat full of people? We can’t just stand (or sit) there watching the waves or watching other people on other boats do something fun. We have to do something for ourselves! Every club has got something to do other than existing. If nothing happens, it is time for you to move into action.

Ask, “What do we need?”

In figuring out what to do, you should ask yourselves, what do we need. Brainstorming activities right away is a challenge for every club out there so you have got to start somewhere. Start with this question and work out from there.

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Answers to the question of needs will not only allow ideas for activities but it would also allow every people in your club to give suggestions founded on the significance of your club. Sometimes, what your club needs is not only for yourselves but for other people as well. From this, you could create activities that are focused on giving service to other people or solely for your members.

Ask, “What do we do with ideas?”

After a long list of suggestions of what could be done, decide which of all the ideas would you actually do. Yes, all ideas can be good and beneficial but would it be feasible? Can you and your club members pull it off? Ask yourselves. Only you and your members can commit to those ideas. Consider your finances too! Will your funds be enough? If your idea of an activity is a fundraiser, ask yourselves if you have enough capital to ensure the activity. Would it be worth it given an estimation of the returns? Or would it be possible to partner with other clubs?

Source: redbooth.com

It is important to plan everything and anticipate a lot of things when it comes to creating activities for your club. Ask questions and talk about it before finalizing all your ideas into activities.

Ask, “Where will we put this?”

You are done choosing which ideas goes into the activity box. Now, it is time to decide where to put this. You have to calendar activities for organization. Bring an actual calendar! Plot the activities into the calendar. Let everyone see how all the activities go well into the calendar. You don’t want activities together in a month, would you? You need to let everyone breath from the toxicity of planning promotions!

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Consider your club’s capacity in pulling off activities. It could look good if you are jam-packed with endless activities. That would let people see how amazing your club is. But, you cannot put yourselves into risk of too many sleepless nights and fund deficits if you don’t give yourselves a rest. Make time to refresh those energies and creative juices.

Keep your boat sailing! Keep your club going with all those fun activities. Remember to have the fun in planning activities. That is how it should be done.

The Rule of Thumb in Keeping A Club Relevant

It’s no easy task creating a school club and inviting members to join. For that alone, you’d be needing strength, determination and extra efforts to make it happen. But, you should also know that starting a club is only half the battle. The other half involves marketing for it to exist in the long run. If you ever wonder about how successful clubs (or student organizations) manage to be relevant for so long, here’s what you need to know.

Focus on the thrust.

You may have formed the mission and vision of your club as you started it. Also, you may already have a powerhouse of people supervising and leading the club. But have you developed the thrust? By definition, thrust is the “principal purpose” or a “line of reasoning.” It’s more about the strategy on how you can achieve your vision as a club.Think about it carefully and let your key people instill it in the minds and hearts of everyone.

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Engage and excite your members.

No one could vouch for a club’s greatness better than its members. As an officer, you know you have the resources, including the funds for a reason. Always use it for the benefit of the members and not for your own. Think of a fun little get-together, a one-day sports event or a simple lunch to get to know each other well. Create a more personal and harmonious relationship with each other. Your members would definitely appreciate it.

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Delegate tasks.

According to an article written by Keyclub, club members are more interested when they’re handed responsibilities. This makes them feel useful and needed even with the simple task of being in charge of registration. Of course, bigger tasks are more advantageous both for the member and the club. For example, ask a guy to organize and oversee a sports rally event together with an officer. It may just be a way for him to discover his passion and strength for an Event and Logistics’ work. US News says it will follow them all through life. It will also give them a hindsight of what they could do in the future. You’re not only keeping a sports-minded guy in your club, you’re also helping him unlock his other potentials.

Source: under30ceo.com

Keep your club visible online.

Create a page and do regular posting with sports-related and club-related content. Let your members share it on their pages or post about it in their own timelines. Have a “multimedia officer” run your social media pages so everyone can see the fun, excitement, bonding, and learnings your club has to offer. It’s also a possible way to attract other clubs to do a collaboration with you. Remember, external affairs are just as important as internal affairs. Staying online is marketing at its most powerful, after all.

Leadership– pass it on.

This is the most important lesson of all. If you spent a good four years serving and leading your club, you must already have someone trained to take your position after your term. During your year/s as an officer, see to it that you have an “apprentice” or an “assistant officer” doing your work so he or she can succeed once you leave. It’s one thing to be good at what you do. But, it’s also on a completely different level if you are capable of influencing and teaching someone to do better than you (of course, not in a spiteful way).

The leaders or officers drives the life of the group. Therefore, you should make sure that the next ones are just as passionate about achieving the mission, vision and thrust of your club, to keep it going and growing each passing day.