Showing Love For Military Parents Amid Lockdown

The lockdown that persists in different states in the US is challenging not only for adults but also for kids. I am not even talking about the fact that they have been required to finish the school year by homeschooling. For sure, they do not mind staying at home and not getting up early every day. However, it may be troublesome for them to be inside the house 24/7 when their friends are not too far away.

No matter how much you want to go out, dear child, don’t do it. That is especially true if your mom or dad is in the military and serves as a front-line worker these days. Instead, show them your love through the following ways:


Send Voice And Video Messages

The most basic way to express love for hardworking parents is by sending them voice and video messages. After all, a lot of military moms and dads may not be able to go home every day because of their duties. Some may even want to stay out of the house for as long as possible if they suspect themselves of having the coronavirus.

If the parents hear your voice or see your face, it can make them want to protect themselves further. This way, they can be with the family soon.

Help Prepare Delicious Meals For Them

Plenty of military parents who go to the bases in the United States tend to work alongside healthcare professionals. That is especially true for those who have a medical background. The others take turns operating the checkpoints and making sure that no one roams the streets.


Assuming your at-home parent sends meals to your military mom or dad every day, why don’t you help prepare their meals? This task can be done even by toddlers, you know. You can do something as easy as spooning the dish into the container or decorating it in any way you please. In case you are old enough to hold a knife, you can chop the ingredients. After that, attach a little note on the food container to brighten your parent’s day.

Stop Fighting With Siblings

Sometimes, moms and dads become happy when they know that all the kids, young or old, are getting along. They may not need you to give them anything; you merely have to show them that you and your siblings are not fighting.

This technique is most useful if your parent has been deployed overseas. You cannot give them hot meals; they may be too busy to FaceTime with you. But if your stay-at-home mom or dad informs the military parent that you are not acting like cats and dogs, they will undoubtedly feel at ease.


Stay At Home

Although your military parent may be giving their 110% at work, half of their mind may still be focused on your welfare. After all, the coronavirus is unforgiving when it comes to its victims. It is especially terrible for kids because their immune system may not be strong enough to fight the disease.

To keep your mom or dad from worrying, therefore, you should stay at home all the time. Do not sneak out to visit your friend’s house, even if it is only next door. Try not to insist on going to the nearby park, either. The quarantine will not last forever; just hang in there for yourself and your parents.

Final Thoughts

Now is not the best time to become a rebellious kid. Your mom and dad need you to be mentally and physically resilient right now, especially if one or both of them are in active duty. Show them how much you love them by doing the things mentioned above. Good luck!

How Parklets Changed Our Lives

In the 2017 Civic Organization Event, several innovations were recognized that have sustainable planning initiatives to communities. One of these innovations was increasing pedestrian experience through the installation of parklets. Parklets are small, inexpensive structures inspired by the guerilla installation during the international holiday “Park(ing) Day.” 


Parklets aim to change the view and feel of the streets, making it more presentable to the people passing by. Besides that, there are other points about how parklets changed our lives.

Increased Economic Activity

Installation of parklets in front of a café or restaurant increases the economic activity in the area. Even with a small capital cost, parklets have shown to gain higher revenue in businesses because they attract people to visit the place and to stay longer. If more parklets are installed, there will be an increased potential for companies and an increase in job opportunities as well.

Added Color And Vibrancy To The Streets

Installing parklets is one of the excellent ways to utilize spaces. Parklets have become an attraction to pedestrians because of their mini-park design. It is especially true to cities that have become urban jungles. Also, parklets help encourage people to walk instead because they make the streets more beautiful and vibrant, such as adding greenery to the sidewalks and integrating art installation to the streets. Parklet installation is an excellent idea in increasing social interaction and building camaraderie with different people.

Engagement In Physical Activity

Parklets do not only boost attraction and increase public space; they provide health benefits to pedestrians as well. For instance, reports on the Middlesex Greenway state “that the greenway has helped to provide new fitness opportunities and increase physical activity among residents in neighboring communities.” 


With a growing population, we cannot rely on businesses alone to provide communities enough public spaces. Also, parklets serve as a tool for cities to invest more on public programs that will be beneficial to everyone and not just the selected majority.