Paying It Forward: School Club Project

Who doesn’t get excited during the first day of school choosing which organization or club to join in? A place or group where we find a sense of belongingness, a haven where we can find people with the same strengths and interests as us. A blissful experience indeed. Although each club has its own goals and missions or even prerequisites for you to join a certain group, it is also significant to evaluate your own contribution to this club, what you can do or offer for the group and what they can enhance about you. As Judy Willis, M.D. wrote, “Extracurricular activity participation in school and community clubs, teams, and organizations helps increase children’s confidence in pursuing higher goals by first building their confidence areas of strength and interest within their comfort zones.”

Below are some of the step-by-step questions you might want to ask yourself if the school club you are considering has a goal of serving the community and if it is fit for you.

What is my goal in joining the club?

Your purpose will set the tone on why you are joining the club in the first place. It is the backbone, the most basic concept that will remind you of the times that you will encounter some challenges while being a member of the club. This is why each club has its own defined mission, vision, and goals. This will serve as a reminder for yourself in every project that you conceptualized. This is a good indication of a good vision and a sense of direction that you have.

“It’s a great way to build your professional skills including leadership, teamwork, communication, and prioritization,” says career coach Alina Tubman. “All these skills are necessary for students applying to jobs and internships.” 

Are my personal goals, beliefs, and values related to their mission?

Initially examining yourself before you participate is a good orientation. It is like going to the internet and searching for the right chat group where you share the same interests. However, there is the peril of entering a dangerous zone called stranger chat. Most of these people behind computers are anonymous with unclear goals and are even bullies. That is why carefully evaluating the mission of the club you are considering must be done.

Who will be our target recipients?

To be able to have standard and uniform recipients, you must conduct a meeting in order to arrive at a unanimous decision if the project will be for the children who can’t afford to enroll in school, will it be free vaccination for children in third world countries or a support group for families serving in the military. That will serve as a guide to your succeeding projects.

What can I do to better serve the club and community?

As a vital element of teamwork and being a good team player, it is essential that you continue to better yourself to serve the purpose of the group and the community. Louise Douce, Ph.D., says, “For students to be able to learn at their peak capacity, they need to be physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually well.” In that way, your service is effectively delivered. You might consider attending seminars related to your causes, organize team-building activities, encourage more participants, expand projects, and increase the number of people in the group in order to serve more people.

It is a fun and fulfilling method to be a part of any group gaining the sense of responsibility through service, cultivating goodness, and kindness of the hearts of the people. An incomparable sense of accomplishment. The next time you join the club, think about the time, talent or knowledge which you can impart that can greatly help the community. As always, kindness starts with you.



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