Raising Funds For The Club

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Congratulations on successfully creating and planning a school club. Now you must do the next step which is to make sure that you can keep the gears of this machine running. The same thing that keeps this machine running is the same thing that keeps the world moving around. There are plenty of ways that you can earn money, but they are so numerous that we are going to categorize into three groups. The most important thing about all three is that you make sure that the personality of yourself, as the leader, and the club shine through. While we encourage you to do anything to earn money, useless it is illegal or degrading to your organization name, it is all a waste of time if your actions promote that of another club. Unfortunately, this makes things difficult, but you would not have gotten your position if you were uncreative.

Through The School

This is the one that most clubs are going to do because it is the easiest. Now if your club is famous then it should be easy to make your members pay a monthly fee. This should take into consideration the numbers of members that you have. The best way that we can suggest that you gauge this is that you don’t have a fee if you have less than twenty members. For fifty members, we suspect that having a five-dollar fee is normal. Anything that is more than ninety then you can only ask for ten dollars and above. Now you will need to have a purpose for this money because it is not like everyone just has these funds to give so such rewards as trips or even some member shirts.

Another thing that you can do is sell your goods to not only spread the buzz about your club but even get some easy money on the side. If you want to push the envelope for money that you can get is to make it a competition. It must be something worthwhile that will most likely have to get order months in advance. Anything that can get the faces of your members out there in the school will only lead to more talk and exposure, so it is a win-win for everyone that is involved.

Through Your Service

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Now while we said that you should try to incorporate your club through everything that you do, there are services that only you can offer. Let us say that you are part of the archery club. You might think that there is nothing that your club can provide anyone but how about archery lessons? Sure, there are very few people who would want this, but those who do will provide you with a steady stream of money for a few months. Using this example, this is not something that you should just offer out of the blue. Think about what you can teach someone with each lesson and make it as organized as possible. You want there to be a beginning and a definite end. It might help if you can come up with some ranking system such as a feathered cap, that runs through the school apparently so that students can feel some pride once they finish up your lessons.

The debate club is another famous club that is hard to gain some money for. It is not like everyone is jumping to learn how to discuss better, but this might surprise you. One way to advertise this service is to say that you can teach someone how to win at any argument through the teaching of fallacies and deconstructing arguments. The same things that were mention above can easily be applied here, but you might want to lower the price for this one by several degrees. Everyone wants to learn how to argue better, but not everyone has the money to pay for this. In exchange for this low fee, you will be able to reach a wider range of students. Once you get to the point where you have too many for the members of your club to handle then drastically increase the price to turn people away.

Through Other Means

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Finally, you can put your own money into the club treasury which should happen from time to time. If your club is not too pressed for money, then donations is another traditional route that you can go. The last-ditch effort is a favorite school club is to ask the school itself for a bit of money, but you better be prepared to explain yourself. It is not like the school just has buckets of money to give to a club that does not necessarily need it to run. If you want to push the limits of, however, you are going to need money to do just that.

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