Maintaining A School Club



So hey, look at you, it seems that you have a club on your hands. Congrats but did you know that sixty-three percent of clubs all fail during the first three months. Hardly more than ten percent make it past their first year. There is a lot of different factors that you have to monitor all at once to the point where we won’t cover half of them here. Stress not, there are tonnes of information that can be found on the other articles on this site, but for those who are still green at this club business then this is the article for you.

Keep Hands/Eyes On The Money

This might sound easy but remember that sixty-three percent? Financial issues were the downfall for easily over half, somewhere around the fifty-five to sixty-two percentage mark, contributed to poorly managed finances to theft. The issue is that both of these problems are easy to fix with the right know how. The former just takes putting people you can trust in a high position of power. This does not have to be your friend but that guy who has been giving his all to this club since day one.

The latter is a bit more tricky. While the school security has a bit of play with that so do you. While we recommend that you be open about your budget, there is no any reason that members should know where the money was stored. Now how you save the money is just as important but the old and tried method never fails. Simply get a lockbox where only you have the key or combination. As the leader, this box should not be open without your presence anyways.

Broadening The Selection Process


The rest of that percentage was due to the club dropping off in interest. A variety of reasons can cause this, but let us discuss the main one. It turns out that the narrow selections process, which is needed only in the early stages, is one of the main contributors. Once you get the budget and talk to the club about allowing new members, then fliers are the solution to this. Going public about your club will make someone crawl out of the woodworks. What is going to make then turn around will not be the content or merit of your club but the membership fine. To counterbalance this, we recommend doing a sliding system where first and long term members are incentivised to start because they will pay significantly less. The best part is saying that this was all your idea.

The Most Important Rule


All arguments and disagreements should be handled in a civilised manner. As much as this will stress you out, or until you elect a person to deal with these issues, all complaints about the club should be taken with you. Not only will this make the complaints less fluent but only the dangerous things will get made to you. If you notice that members are down each other throat, then it is your responsibility to solve these issues. It might seem that a lot of responsibilities fall on your head, but no one said being a leader is easy. Just think of it like this rather the club raised to unprecedented heights or burn before it even starts, you can claim responsibility for it. Perhaps your organisation can even outlast you to the point where you will have to pass on this lovingly handcrafted torch. Remember, if this does last then your resume will outshine in the crowd of dull lights. Good luck.

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