Ways to Support and Show Appreciation to Our Military

 Our military men and women worked hard to keep us safe. They are one of the reasons we get to enjoy what we do every day without any fear for our security. While a lot of us wanted to show our gratitude, we have no idea how to. It might be easy to say “thank you.” But if you wanted to do more than that, here are ways you can show gratitude to our heroes.

“There’s plenty of gratitude to be pushed out to others and the world. What about yourself?” – Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D.

Send a Gratitude Package

If you have enough resources to make a package for our soldiers, go ahead and make one. You can customize your package to contain whatever you feel our soldiers will need and appreciate. Packages may include some bags or shoes. If you opt for necessities, offer some toiletries. Nothing goes wrong with a food package. Have some food you that feel they will enjoy.

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Psychologist Sara Algoe says, “Gratitude also decreases aches and pains in an individual, and that may be because it acts as a stress reducer. So, if you’ve felt a little off or achy lately, a simple “thank you” to someone could be what you need!”

You can also be creative! Make cards and notes that would go with your package. Tell them words of encouragement. Let them know that someone appreciates the service they offer to the country. It will always feel good to know that someone out there benefits from what they do. “Showing support through sending a care package that includes things people want and need can be seen as a form of affection. The exchange of affection can help ward off loneliness,” says Elizabeth Dorrance Hall Ph.D.

Offer Assistance for Military Kids

If you feel like wanting to do more than just sending some packages, you can always offer help to assist military kids. Children of soldiers often grow up and spend most of their lifetime as kids without one (or in some cases, both) of their parents. You can share some joy to these kids by organizing a gift-giving event for them! You can also give them a free day pass to the zoo or an amusement park.

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If you know a few organizations that give financial support like scholarships to kids of military men and women, go and make a pledge to donate. If you know any organizations that provide assistance to children who lost their military parents while in service, you may try asking them how you can help their cause.

Organize Events to Support Veterans

Our gratitude doesn’t stop with those who are currently in service. It extends even to those who have served their years in service– like our veterans. Those who have fought for us also deserve our gratitude.

The best way to help our veterans is to support organizations that focus on war veterans. Most of our veterans would be in need of some basic services. If you have the skills to cut someone’s hair, you may volunteer to give free haircuts to our veterans. You can also offer financial support by covering some medical expenses of the veterans. Anything you have can be used to show gratitude.

Support Military Spouses

Probably one of the hardest tasks is to be a mom or dad with a spouse in the military. It is difficult enough to be a parent. Imagine going solo while your spouse goes on duty. We can support military spouses by volunteering to assist in any way they need us.

Offer your time in simply helping out with house chores or errands. If you know someone personally, you can just go and ask them if they need anything or if you can help with anything else. Always make yourself available to assist them.

Organize Events

If you have the skills and knowledge in organizing events, give it a try. Organize events to celebrate and honor our soldiers. You can give talks to share awareness of this cause. Host a Christmas party for everyone or plan a fundraising event for the benefit of military men and women.

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You can brainstorm ideas and ask people around you to help out with the events. If you are celebrating your Military Appreciation Month, go and tell everyone about it. Let them know of the service these brave soldiers offer us. Let every soldier know we are grateful for them.


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