What You Need To Know Before Starting A School Club

 You want it and you feel ready for it. You have ideas all lined up. You have already thought about it and there is nothing that can stop you from pushing through. Wait for just a minute! Before really doing the first step to start a school club, let us first make sure you that you know what will be coming at you after starting a club. After all, we do not want any wasted efforts or crushed dreams. We are for school clubs!

Your School

The first thing to think about is your school. You have to make sure that they will allow the school club you are about to organize. Do they have implementing rules? Can you commit yourself to keep up with those policies? Do you see your school club growing in your school’s environment? Make sure that your school will be for your club and your club will be for your school.

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Your Club

You may already have plans for what kind of club you want to start. Are you also decided on what to call it? What would tie every member with each other? Will it be your interests, beliefs or goals? Is there any hobbies or advocacies you want your club to be known for? I know this would be easy for you so let us talk about . . .

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Your Club’s Threats

Oh yes! Starting a school club isn’t all about fun, you know. You would definitely have a lot of challenges ahead. School clubs should always anticipate threats just to give assurance to your club’s sustainability. Your club should survive the threats from other clubs, from your school, and even from your own members.

Your Club Members

We would like to believe that your members are your strength. They are. Really. But they could also be your weakness. From the beginning, think of who can join your club. More importantly, who will be joining your club! We don’t want any discouragement from expectations. You may be expecting a certain student to join, but it may not be so. Just, prepare and be positive. Whoever joins will always be your club’s strength.

Your Funds

Although hard work takes us far, starting a school club also means risking finances. Of course, you have to work from some resources. When you have started your school club, you have to make some promotional materials to encourage students to join. Yes, it will cost you a bit of your allowance. But that is alright! As long as you are spending for the right reasons.

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Your Vision

You need to establish a goal for your club. What will be the future of your club? How do you see it being known by others? It may be just the beginning but you will never know what it could become after some years. Make sure you have your vision. This vision will keep your club running. Who knows, your club could become the best school club after 3 or 5 years.

Starting a school club is obviously not easy. It takes a lot of positivity to keep on running the race even with all the competition or hurdles. But you know what? It will definitely be worth it!

Now, you know everything you need to know before starting a school club. You think you can handle? Of course, YOU CAN! Go and start that school club!

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