Military Role Models: What They Sacrifice for the Country and Why We Should Thank Them

 Kids would know these guys as cool armored guys who would complete missions and save an innocent elderly person from the villains. In real life, it’s pretty much real. Only the missions are a lot harder, and the one that needs saving isn’t just the elderly person, but the whole country.


It doesn’t have to be “Remembrance Sunday” for us to honor the amazing men and women who fight for our country. The military is composed of many brave heroes who dedicate and, at times, sacrifice their very lives for their country on battlefields and on civilian land. They help alleviate injustice. Also, they end the struggles of their country under tyranny. But, their task isn’t just about fighting the bad guys. Michael Friedman, Ph.D. says, “The servicemen and women who protect our country deserve our admiration and respect for their courage and sacrifice.”

According to the Military, these men have many missions. Of course, defending their country and its interests is the primary one, but they face many more tasks. In fact, they carry a greater responsibility that we are slightly ignorant to. Some of their missions include:

  • Rescue Operations
  • Medical Assistance in impoverished areas
  • Food and humanitarian relief
  • Security at embassies and other locations
  • Policing in volatile areas
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Law enforcement
  • Piracy and drug interdiction

On top of that, the military also serves as the “nation’s big group of ambassadors,” and they do so with great responsibility and respect. Considering that they have such big tasks, it’s no wonder being an enlisted military is hailed as the “most stressful job in the world.” Tasks and Purpose described the amount of “shit” a military man needs to put up with their service. According to them, the stress takes different forms depending on what your job is, who you work for or what branch you’re in. The contributory factors that make being part of the military highly stressful are: deadlines, hazards, physical demands, competition, career growth potential, and public scrutiny.

Additionally, George R. Mastroianni Ph.D. wrote, “Most discussions of military suicide seem founded on the premise that repetitive deployments and combat stress play the dominant causal role in this increase.”


Perhaps you are wondering (or maybe not), what do these military men sacrifice? What should we thank them for? Why should we? Here’s why:

  • By its very nature, military work requires sacrifice. And it’s not just sacrificing time or effort一 it’s giving up their lives in the defense of their country and the values it holds dear.
  • They give up their own family life or put it on hold just so they can protect all of us. Bret A. Moore, PsyD says, “Being married to someone in the military is sometimes as tough as actually being in the military. Military spouses are required to make numerous sacrifices and forced to endure the hassles, disruptions, and the sometimes downright idiotic rules of military life.” Like all other human beings, a military person also has hopes and dreams such as starting a family with his or her loved one, buying a new house, and doing lots of family activities together. However, they still strongly feel the need to serve the country, despite that ultimate desire in life.
  • They experience major long-distance relationship blues by signing up for that life. For one, keeping up with your significant other’s life is like trying to keep your head above water. Whether it’s the communication, or trying to make your partner’s day better after a bad day, the need for physical touch and sexual contentment and etc. The list goes on. Moreover, missing a person for so long can let you feel real, physical pain. That’s just one thing that messes with your head and body aside from your missions.
  • They sacrifice their future by jumping into the military life. Nothing is certain for sure. They wont’s know if they’re going back to their families or homes, or if they would have to spend the rest of their days being deployed in a particular area. While they carry an overwhelming hope that all is well in the end, they still know for sure that it’s easier said than done.

There’s a time and month to celebrate and give honor to the military. But let’s not do that. Let’s give them honor anywhere, anytime and in any way we can because they deserve that. For doing what most people wouldn’t have done, these guys are not just our role models. They’re our heroes.


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